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Speedex Wash Light Body

100.00 L.E

Polysiloxane (condensation type) impression material with a very high viscosity and fast ‘snapset’ for sharper definition. Superior dimensional stability allows models to be cast up to 7 days after impression taking. Adjustable setting time by volume of activator.Colour: Dark BlueWorking time: 1 min 30 secTime within oral cavity: 3 minPacking: Each box contains 1 x 140 ml Tube

Price: 100.00 L.E


220.00 L.E

Speedex medium has outstanding wettability and excellent flow characteristics. Saliva an blood are displaced by Speedex medium and have no negative side effects. With the variable setting time of Speedex medium the important mucosal movements, which are necessary for the full and partial denture technique, can be taken very precisely. A perfect impression is the key for an accurate fitting denture.

Price: 220.00 L.E


40.00 L.E
  • Fast water absorption
  • Easy mixing
  • Long Impression storage
  • Homogenous mass, smooth, compact surface
  • Extra-rapid working and setting times
  • Pleasant vanilla flavour with emetic reflex reduction

Used for Orthodontic impressions

Price: 40.00 L.E

Hydrogum 5

48.00 L.E

Hiigh stability alginate• 5 day stability• Lilac colour with fruity berry flavour• Extra rapid 45 second set• Intro Kit 2 x 453g, measures, container

Price: 48.00 L.E

Indurent Activator Gel

55.00 L.E

Gel catalyst for C-Silicones. Single catalyst for all Zhermack clinical C-silicones Zetaplus System) and technical (Zetalabor and Titanium)AdvantagesFOR THE SURGERY:Used with the same length as Oranwash VL, Oranwash L and Thixoflex M on the mixing padTotal using versatility in the different impression techniquesEasily dispensingFOR THE LABORATORY:VersatilityEasily dispensingCharacteristicsRed colour gel for homogeneous mix control

Price: 55.00 L.E

Oranwash L 140ml Tube

67.00 L.E

Low viscosity C-Silicone. Ideal for two-stage technique, single-stage technique with two viscositiesAdvantagesFlowable consistencyPerfect flowability in the gingival sulcusSafe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 SpraySimple and fast mixing without bubbles with Alghamix IICharacteristicsHydrophilicYellow colourOrange flavourOranwash L 140ml Tube

Price: 67.00 L.E

Zetaplus Putty

110.00 L.E

ZETAPLUS PUTTY C-Silicone Impression Materials 900 ml by ZhermackAdvantages·         Reduces mucous compression in the phase of insertion in the oral cavity·         Excellent hardness after setting·         In the two-stage technnique, it acts perfectly as a special tray ·         In double mixing, it adapts to the consistency of low viscosity fluid·         Variable working and setting times according to catalyst quantity (Indurent gel)Characteristics·         High initial flowability·         Green colour ·         Spearmint flavour

Price: 110.00 L.E

Elite HD+ Light

240.00 L.E
  • Maximum precision in detail reproduction
  • High tear strength
  • Excellent elastic recovery
  • High dimensional stability
  • Opaque pigments for improved detail reading
  • Possibility of casting the model immediately after disinfection 
  • 3-year shelf life
  • 2 x 50ml cartridge (Base + Catalyst) + 10 Mixing Tips
Price: 240.00 L.E