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2,100.00 L.E

Technical Data:- Absorbed Power: Max 15W- Scaler: Max 10W, 24-28kHz, automatic tuning- Water Pressure: 30-145 PSI- Water Consumption: 10-50 cc/min- Approvals: ETL, sccording to UL-2601-1- Classification according to Medical Device- Directive 93/42 EEC: Class 11aSpecifications:- Input Rating: 115/230V, 50/60Hz- Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 155mm (D) x 70mm (H)- Weight: 2.1kg- Frequency: 32 KHz- Watter Pressure: 1-4kg/cm squared- Fuses: 230V, 2 per unit ; F0.5A 250V-CQ-S500- Fuses: 110V, 1 per unit ; F1A 5A 250V-CQ-S500- 3 Tips Included with Unit- 1 Year Warranty (

Price: 2,100.00 L.E

T3 New 4H Sirona

2,500.00 L.E
  • Chrome-plated casing
  • Ergonomic design moulded to the shape of the hand
  • Smooth, easy-to-grip contours
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Top quality at an affordable price
  • Durable ceramic bearings
  • Click&Go function 
  • Sirona Germany
Price: 2,500.00 L.E

Z.O.B Seal

85.00 L.E

Dental Meta ZOB Seal root canal sealing material: 1Root Canal Sealer 2.Zinc Oxide-Based Root Canal Sealer

Price: 85.00 L.E

Air way syringe complete

65.00 L.E

 Syringe accepts standard autoclavable syringe tips (one included) easily removed by depressing collar on syringe front. Crosspin is removable for easy button valve replacement. Safety shut-off when tip is removed. One single tip is included per syringe. Additional tips available for purchase. Wt. 5oz.

Price: 65.00 L.E