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55,000.00 L.E

Table-Top Autoclave ( Class Bable to clean internal channels of handpieces , Contra angles and turbines.Electric HeatBuilt in Steam Generator.Working Pressure for Steam Generator :1-2,5barsComplete with control ValvesLCDText Display for Control MonitoringSingle Hinged door / Door is Equipped with Safety , and to be kept locked when Sterilizer is workingStainless-Steel water

Price: 55,000.00 L.E

Dac Universal Sirona

45,000.00 L.E

Hand-piece Washer, Disinfector, Sterilizer System DAC Universal with 6 adaptors              Combination – Autoclave for Cleans Lubricates and sterilizes in approx 12 MinsCan easily clean the internal channels of the hand pieces several times before lubricationLubrication of the hand pieces in a closed cycle under pressureCan take up to 6 instruments in a time, with option not using all in one timeMultiple sterilization cycles, 121 C, 134 C.Adaptors are made of steels steelAdaptors are to accommodate most of the commonly available hand pieces, Sirona, W&H,  Kavo, NSK, B

Price: 45,000.00 L.E

DB 338

520.00 L.E

Brand: COXOType: DB-3381.This kind of amalgamator, controlled by a microprocessor, ensures a precise, controlled, consistent mix. 2.With the width of the oscillating range, the mixing frequency, and your selected time(1-99S). 3.It's revolve according to "8" model. 4.For mercury-based fillings. trust the performance of DB338 amalgamator.

Price: 520.00 L.E