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Zenit LC Nano Ceramic Composite

420.00 L.E

ZENIT -  LC / Nano Ceramic CompositeNano Composite is a light-curing , high-lustre-polish hybrid composite with an ultrafine , radiopaque porcelain filler for use in adhesive filling treatment.It can be polished to a high lustre.Due to te ultra-fine particle filler , extremely homogeneous restorations can be placed which are easily polished to a high lustre.The chameleon effect matches the shade of the filling perfectly to the tooth structure.The guidelines in DIN EN ISO 24049 have been complied with.Nano Composite is supplied in practical

Price: 420.00 L.E

Woson 17

23,000.00 L.E

New  LCD disply window, 5buttons control panel, for convenient and easy operation. Intelligent help system could demonstrate the condition of sterilization automatically. Both  printer and USB output, you could choose the way which you like to backup the sterilization records.The specification on the output is more accurate and detailed. Memory system inside, you could check the sterilization. Adding a new set temperature detecting device. There are two sets  separate temperature detecting device inside.

Price: 23,000.00 L.E