Zenit LC Nano Ceramic Composite

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ZENIT -  LC / Nano Ceramic CompositeNano Composite is a light-curing , high-lustre-polish hybrid composite with an ultrafine , radiopaque porcelain filler for use in adhesive filling treatment.It can be polished to a high lustre.Due to te ultra-fine particle filler , extremely homogeneous restorations can be placed which are easily polished to a high lustre.The chameleon effect matches the shade of the filling perfectly to the tooth structure.The guidelines in DIN EN ISO 24049 have been complied with.Nano Composite is supplied in practical screw syringes.Technical Details Vickershardness1088 Mpa E-Modul18154 Mpa Compressive strength462 Mpa Flexural strength152 Mpa Tensile strength66 Mpa Shrinkage vol1,83 % Radiopacity220 % AlFeatures• Nano -tehcnology• Excellent mechanical properties• Wide range of shadesBenefits• Significantly reduced volumetric shrinkage• Extremely stable and long-lasting fillings• Natural-looking restorationNanotechnology has been proven in the chewing simulatorThe high load resistance of ZENIT has been proven  in the chewing simulator at the München University dental clinic.The abrasion with pressure load and shearing force was significantly less than that of comparable materials .ZENIT NANO COMPOSITE:•Light-curing Nano-Composite with outstanding physical properties and optimized handling •New advanced formula•Reduced shrinkage•For all cavity classes•Particle size 15–20nm(11% of content – weight)•Very high filler content of 83%   the expanded particle surface and the higher density can bear a higher loadBenefit from:•Excellent handling properties•Ultrafine filler•Extremely homogeneous restorations•Excellent polishability•Shade of the filling matches the tooth structure Abrasion resistance•Loss of only 60 microns of Nano Composite material after 200,000 mastication cycles in a mastication simulator•Result: more occlusal force in vitro than in conventional hybrid compositesLess shrinkage•less polymerization shrinkage•1,83% average total•reduces danger of gapsPhoto courtesy of: Prof. Kunzelmann, University of Munich •Nano Composite reduces the tensions in the filling•Thanks to nano-agglomerates,  the polymerization shrinkage is decreased•Therefore, there  is less stress in the fillingScratch resistant filling surface•very good polishing behavior•Nano Composite feels smooth on the tongue•low absorption of water•color-stable•no discoloration 

• Direct anterior and posterior restorations in black's class I,II,III,IV and V cavities.• Indirect restorations such as inlays ,onlays and laminate veneers• Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars• Cores• Splinting mobile teeth• Adjusting the contours and shape to improve aesthetics

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