Woson 17

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New  LCD disply window, 5buttons control panel, for convenient and easy operation. Intelligent help system could demonstrate the condition of sterilization automatically. Both  printer and USB output, you could choose the way which you like to backup the sterilization records.The specification on the output is more accurate and detailed. Memory system inside, you could check the sterilization. Adding a new set temperature detecting device. There are two sets  separate temperature detecting device inside. One is for controlling the temperature, the other one is for checking the controlling temperature, it could prevent if the temperature sensor for controlling temperature disabled or incorrect and bring the incompletely sterilization. The precision of temperature control developinh decupe, it could be precision to 0.1 degree. Adjusting the check mode of vacuuming , adopt higher parse degree pressure sensor, the precision could be 0.001bar, it will collect the temperature or pressure value per 30ns  a time during the programme. More accurate value collects for exact analysis and self-checking automatically.

Price: 23,000.00 L.E